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How Healthy is it to Drink Cow’s Milk ?

   Due to the extreme processes that milk undergoes, as well as the high amounts of antibiotics, hormones, and genetically-modified substances that cows are continually exposed to, I can, with much certainty, say that there are real and eminent dangers … Continue reading

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5 Health Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

Since the late 1980s, HFCS has replaced regular table sugar, honey, and similar sweeteners. Prolonged consumption of HFCS is the topic of debate and, like other genetically modified products, may be bad for your health. A number of studies conducted … Continue reading

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Just The “Fat” Facts

All fats are equally fattening-containing 9 calories per gram. (a gram is 1/28th of an ounce) Unsaturated fats: Eating them will lower cholesterol. Found in whole foods like seeds, nuts and avocados. Saturated fats: Is a significant cause of both … Continue reading

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13 must have Super Foods

Is shopping and preparing meals for yourself and your family becoming a chore? You’ve run out of great ideas and need some help? Your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and becoming a “healthier you” may disappear as quickly as the sun … Continue reading

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Sugar and other artificial sweeteners…Not such a sweet treat

We’re a society governed by how sweet our foods and beverages are. Sweeteners play a big role in our social and economic climate. Unfortunately, the side effects they cause to our health have been in question for some time. I … Continue reading

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