High Blood Pressure & The Thyroid

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  1. A Louise Collins says:

    I have a question…can you help me? I had my gallbladder removed at age 32 and my health has never been the same, I developed serious IBS, with panic attacks and then finally fatigue and weakness. Finally, a substitute doctor, (mine was on vacation, who told me it was all in my head), saw me when I was so weak I could hardly walk..sit me up for a thyroid testing and my tsh was above 35, I was put on synthryoid and over the years I am up to 200 per day. Weight has steady gone up over the years slowly no matter how much I diet…I am often so tired and weak to exercise…and 7 years ago…diagnosed with cardiomythoy…which was stabilized with meds…but little of a year ago I developed AF…and thyroid was found out of wack again…some thought was due to meds…after adjustments and two new doctors, it is in normal range at the moment…but I now take 10 meds..and 7 months ago, received a pacemaker…I am so sick of being sick…I am currently trying to go raw…no dairy and have gotten gluten free most of the time..I now find if I do dairy or gluten..I suffered badly for it…lots of pain in joints and muscles…Do you recommend green drinks…I do protein…chicken, eggs…beef in some weeks…I do have nuts…use seeds…

  2. Dr. Brian J. Foley says:

    Sounds like you have been having a hard time of it. With the gallbladder removed you need to replace the bile salts that the gallbladder use to hold. You can use a product called Choline, you will have to get this from a doctor that carries Standard Process products or you can call my office. This will help a lot with the digestive system (IBS). The next question is have you ever been tested for Hashimoto’s? This is an autoimmune disease that is related to the thyroid.80% of all hypothyroid is caused by Hashimoto’s but it is rarely ever tested for. The test for Hashimoto’s is TPO-ab and TG-ab if ether test come back positive you will need to protect your thyroid with a special protocol of supplements that will help to eliminate the symptoms. There is no medication for Hashimoto’s this is one reason most medical doctors do not test for it. The next step you should to is test for a “leaky gut” this means that microscopic food parts are leaving the intestinal tract and getting into the body where they should not be. This will cause all kinds of health problem and symptoms.The leaky gut test is a blood test that is done through an advanced lab called Cyerx, you will need a doctor to request this for you. If you do have a leaky gut there is nutrition that can heal it. It my take 1 to 2 years to heal a leaky gut. In the mean time you need to try to get as much vegetable through your body as you can. You should shoot for 1 pound of raw vegetables a day and a 1 pound of cooked vegetables a day, a 1/2 to 1 cup of beans a day, if you can eat nuts a hand full of raw nuts a day, One tablespoon of ground flax seed a day, you can put this in your green smoothie or over a salad. This will give you the Omga3s that you need. Then 2 or 3 fresh fruits. Keep off the dairy and gluten you are most likely gluten sensitive. This can be verified with a saliva test. Hope this helps and get you headed in the right direction. Let me know

  3. wesley attebery says:

    what does this cost and will ins.pay

  4. Dr. Brian J. Foley says:

    Sorry, Insurance does not pay for my services because I use a natural approach, which there are no insurance codes for. These programs are custom made for your particular condition. The best way to get introduced to what I do is to come to a free workshop.This will give you a good over view on the approach we will take to improve your health. You can call my office for the next workshop.

  5. Want to stop taking drug for high blood pressure. Also want further information about hypothyroidism — I’m taking a natural source presently that seems to help. Needless to say its challenging!
    Thank you.

  6. Dr. Brian J. Foley says:

    Handling high blood pressure is challenging by itself. You have to find out what is causing it to go high. The main things I find that pushes up blood pressure are adrenal glands, Kidneys and/or Liver – are the big three. Once the problem is located then you would support that organ with “whole food” supplements. The only way I know to handle this is you would have to have a evaluation by me or a doctor that is trained up like I am. If you live in Nashville you can call my office 615 333-0021. If not you can call my office for an email, you can send the name of the city you live in and your zip code, they will send you the name of the closest doctors by you that are trained up to handle this type of condition.

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