What is the Fat Burning Tracker Coach?

This program tracks the hormonal responses to your food for optimal results in health, nutrition and weigh loss. As you log into the Fat Burner Tracker Coach and enter in the foods you eat and the exercise you are doing, the computer generates a graph that indicates if you are in fat-burning mode, sugar-burning mode, fat-storing mode or sugar-storing mode. It also indicates if you are getting a sufficient amount of fruits, vegetables, protein, omega fatty acids, etc.

As we evaluate your daily food consumption and exercise, we will reply to you with the intention to educate you on the proper foods to eat along with giving you recommendations on food types and quality. This creates an awareness of your eating habits and helps you to know where to make changes and how. Statistics have shown us that when you tell a person how to eat, their eating habits do not improve very well or for very long because they are missing the facts on food in our society. We like to educate our patients so that they will learn to create a lifestyle change based on knowledge that they agree with and not just getting on another “diet.”