By Dr Rob Harward / September 22, 2021

Breathe Normally Again

Asthma and Allergies It's a ritual. Every spring and fall noses start dripping, people start sneezing and inhalers and medications...

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By Dr Rob Harward / September 2, 2021

To Eat or Not To Eat? That Is The Food Label Question

Some time ago I was buying tomato sauce at the grocery store and glanced over the label. I was surprised...

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By Dr Rob Harward / August 23, 2021

Grocery Shop Smart

Shopping for the right foods is essential to eating well unless you grow most of your own food. For the...

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By Dr Rob Harward / July 19, 2021

How to Eat Healthy

What to eat has become a topic of great debate with so many differing opinions it has become difficult to...

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By Dr Rob Harward / July 1, 2021

Supercharge Your Summer Health

School is out, the heat is here, everyone is into their summer swing. But summer has some downsides, so here...

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By Dr. Brian J Foley / June 12, 2021


Timeline of a MigraineProdrome (May last hours to days):irritabilitydepressionyawningcravingssensitivity to light/soundfatigue and muscle stiffnessdifficulty sleepingnauseaAura (May last 5-60 min):visual disturbancestemporary...

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By Dr. Brian J Foley / May 25, 2021

Patient Referral Raffle!

Starting May 24th and going until June 21st.Refer a friend, coworker, or loved one to the Health and Wellness Center...

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By Dr. Brian J Foley / May 8, 2021

May is High Blood Pressure Awareness Month

1 in 3 How common is high blood pressure? It may come as a surprise because of how quiet of...

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By yadadmin / October 26, 2020

Early Detection of Brain Degeneration: Key to Long Term Health

The ability to impact neuro-degenertive disease is determined by early identification. When identified early, lifestyle strategies can be implemented that...

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