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Nutritional Health Specialist & Doctor of Chiropractic

I want to share with you and others why I am so excited about Nutritional Response Testing℠. I always felt the

need to help people and in 1978, I developed a  mid-back condition. The discomfort and pain became so bad

that I was unable to sleep at night. After I told my father what was happening to me he suggested I go to his

chiropractor for help. I asked him what the chiropractor could do for me and after waiting three months to get

an appointment, I found the answer to my own question. During my first treatment with the chiropractor, I felt

“instant relief.” I had never experienced anything that worked so fast or perfect and get the result I had.

I asked him what I would have to do in order to become a chiropractor and he offered to call the college and ask them to send me some information. I was fascinated with chiropractic and hooked to the idea of being able to help people without surgery or drugs.

Little did I know at the time, becoming a chiropractor required eight years of schooling: four years of pre-med and four years once I was in chiropractic college to get my Doctorate Degree. Time wasn’t of importance; all I cared about was becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.

I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1986 and started my first practice in Winchester, TN. I was able to help a lot of people through chiropractic.

I was contacted by a doctor from Texas whose son lived in Nashville. While working on a construction site, his son passed out was rushed to the hospital and stayed for two days. The doctors could not find what was wrong with him. He was in a coma and they thought he would not make it. His father wanted him to have some chiropractic treatment, but the hospital does not allow chiropractors to come in and treat; so I went into the hospital to see him as his spiritual advisor. When I arrived he was in bed unconscious. I felt his neck and a bone in his neck felt like it was out of place — a mile out of place. I adjusted his neck, he made a sigh of relief and the color came back to             his face. The next day he woke up and they moved him out of intensive care. I adjusted him three more times in the hospital.                  The last time I saw him, he was sitting up in bed eating pizza and watching TV. The medical doctors never found what was wrong with him.

This is one of many miracles I witnessed in my early years of chiropractic. As time went on I noticed that it was getting                         harder and harder to get and keep people well through chiropractic alone. I also noticed my health was changing.

I was overweight, tired and I lost my hair. I was doing everything I was told to do to stay healthy. I was exercising,

eating right (I thought) and getting my chiropractic adjustments. I wasn’t healthy. At that moment I knew two things:

1) something in the environment had changed 2) I was missing a piece of the puzzle to keep people healthy.


                                  I went on a quest to find the piece of the puzzle that I was missing. What I discovered was there

                 were other doctors with similar experiences as mine. They noticed people weren’t getting well like

                   they once did. In 1986, three to four chiropractic treatments and the person was doing well. Now                                                     10-25 treatments and the symptoms did not go away, they still persisted. I was introduced to a new                                                   way of evaluating the body called “Nutrition Response Testing℠.” At first, I thought, “This is strange                                                stuff, almost space age.” I couldn’t believe it! Nutrition Response Testing℠ could show what reflexes                                                 (glands and organs) weren’t working right, what nutrition a person’s body needed, what allergies a                                                      person had and a system on how to get rid of it! Nutrition Response Testing℠ gives you the “precise                                                thing” the person needed to regain their health. I was evaluated with Nutrition Response Testing℠ and                                        put on a program to regain my health. The program removed energy blocks that were keeping me from                                      being healthy and showed the exact nutrition my body was missing. Over the next few months, I started to                                regain my health. I no longer woke up tired, I had plenty of energy throughout the day and I lost over 42 lbs. I                             felt better than I had in many, many years. I was excited! I checked my family, they got better. I checked my                             chiropractic patients with Nutrition Response Testing℠ and they got better. I now know and have what most                             doctors don’t know — the ability to evaluate a person for functional illness and give them a road map to better                         health. Like the lady that was on anti-depressants, overweight and couldn’t concentrate, she’s now happy and                           functioning well at work and home. Or the person who had pain in both feet that was unable to walk in the morning for six years was now pain-free. I am now back doing what I enjoy, introducing people to a new health care approach – Nutritional Response Testing℠. Please read the testimonies of some of the others I have helped and the miracles that took place in our office using the Nutritional Response Testing℠.


What can NRT help fix?


NTR can help issues such as IBS, Acid Reflux, IBD, heartburn, bloating, and pain/cramping.


Related to depression, memory loss, brain fog, anxiety or irritability, or organ dysfunction. 


Offing different detoxes to help cleanse the body and/or brain of heavy metals and toxins.


Treating insomnia, issues falling or staying asleep, mind racing, not achieving deep sleep, and waking from a full night of sleep but feeling exhausted.

Hormonal Imbalance

Including ance, weight gain/loss, PMS, hot flashes, stress, aches & pains.

Allergy/Sinus Problems

Helping to treat chronic runny nose, congestion, thick mucus, headaches, and tooth, ear or throat pain. 


I had very low energy and was not sleeping well. I constantly had brain fog and was very irritable and emotional. My depression had taken control of my life. My emotions are NOW balanced which is fantastic! My sleep is so much better and my brain fog is gone! I am much less irritable and am overall a happier person! Depression is no longer in control of my life. Thank you, Dr. Foley, for helping me find me again!

— V.E.


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