Physical Depression

Physical Depression

Physical depression is what we see most of the time when somebody says they’re depressed. Here we are discussing solely the physical (not mental) reasons as to why someone may come in suffering from depression.

There are a couple of things we want to rule out when someone comes in suffering from depression. The first is to check for sleeping problems. If there is a sleeping problem that usually has to do with your adrenal glands. Your adrenals are your stress glands. If they get exhausted and you can’t sleep at night, you can’t get that good quality sleep. Stressed adrenals will have you experiencing difficulty falling asleep or waking up at night, having to get up to use the bathroom. These are just a couple of sleep problems that could relate to depression.

Issues with depression can also be linked to hypothyroid problems. Just around eighty percent of everyone that has hypothyroidism will have depression or a feeling of depression. This is because of your thyroid. Once we handle the thyroid with nutrition, the depression will tend to go away. The problem is that most people have gone to another doctor besides coming here, where we do 100% nutrition to fix the problem. They will get on antidepressants and then we have to work to get them off of the antidepressants.

Physical depression can also be a vitamin B3 (niacin) deficiency.
Diet also plays a role in physical depression. You can find that those who have a diet full of junk food and sugar tend to experience bouts of depression. Sugar can elevate your mood so to speak and then it’ll crash you down to the feeling of depression.

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