Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance

Insulin Resistance is becoming a big problem and something that we have been handling in our office a lot.

An estimated 60-70 MILLION individuals here in the United States are affected by insulin resistance.

The average American is eating 140lbs of sugar per year. This high amount of sugar intake is one of our biggest healthcare problems here in America. Excess sugar is toxic to the body. It can lead to heart disease, diabetic blindness, and neuropathy.


Insulin is an essential hormone produced by the pancreas. Its purpose is to put blood sugar into the cells for energy. When your blood glucose increases, your insulin has to increase 5-7x to get the blood sugar into the cells. Over time your cells may become resistant to insulin. It will then require more and more insulin to get the glucose into the cells. When insulin resistant, you will begin to wear out your pancreas. This is one of the steps before becoming diabetic. This now means that whether you have insulin or not you’re going to need to be on medication. This medication will do what your pancreas is supposed to do.

Here at the Health and Wellness Center, we can break this insulin resistance. One of the best ways to break insulin resistance is through fasting. Either through intermittent fasting or block fasting. This is the fastest way to break insulin resistance.

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