Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver

When we say “fatty liver” we are talking about a non-alcoholic fatty liver problem. This has become a big problem. One out of every three adults in America has a fatty liver.

Now, what exactly is a fatty liver? A fatty liver is the build-up of too much fat in the liver cells. Though it is normal to have some fat in these liver cells, if the amount of fat in these cells is over five percent, it is to be considered fatty liver disease.

Due to the standard American diet, we have seen a rise in fatty liver disease. The standard American diet is high in carbs and high in sugar. This will give you a fatty liver over time.

You may not show any signs or symptoms originally from fatty liver disease. Unfortunately, there also is no standard screening for a fatty liver. A lot of the time a fatty liver is discovered if the person is having an ultrasound (to check kidneys, gallbladder), an MRI, or a cat scan done.

Currently, there is no known medical treatment. But, luckily, there is a lot that we can do here in our office to take care of a fatty liver.
What are some possible signs of a fatty liver? Central obesity (aka a “potbelly” or “beer belly”), overall body weakness, tiredness, and fluid retention all are possible indicators of fatty liver disease. When the liver can no longer handle the fluid it is retaining it goes out behind the glands and organs and a “potbelly” begins to develop.

You must improve your diet in order to regain control over fatty liver disease. There is no way to handle a fatty liver without improving your diet. This means cutting down the carbs and cutting out the sugar. It is recommended to keep your carbs around 75g of net carbs a day. (Net carbs are carbs minus fiber) It is possible that to reduce your fatty liver that you may need to detoxify. Here in our office, we offer a full-body detox. This detox we offer is one of the steps we would want to take in order to help you get rid of the fatty liver. One of the fastest ways however to take control over fatty liver disease is to fast. Fasting does not give overnight results.

The big thing to remember is that reversing a fatty liver requires patience. This process may take up to three years.

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