Dr. Rob Harward

Dr. Rob Harward

Advanced Clinical Nutritionist
Chiropractic Physician

When I was growing up I couldn’t stand walking. If I was going any distance, I preferred to run. My parents complained that I was wearing out all my shoes. Between that and healthy eating, I was in great shape. But when I was 27 I threw out my back and I couldn’t walk. I knew a common solution was to take painkillers, but I wanted to do more than just cover up the pain. I wanted real health. I went to a chiropractor and was walking after 2 visits. After the 3rd visit, I was 100% back to health. This experience changed the course of my life. I attended Palmer Chiropractic College in Iowa and, after becoming a chiropractor, I learned my experience with healing was quite common. It was a joy to see my patients overcome spinal and other joint problems naturally.

As I helped patients regain their health with chiropractic, I began to notice those who also took nutritional supplements would often do better than those who didn’t. Naturally, I began learning how the body heals with herbs and foods and became more and more amazed at the results. Now at The Health and Wellness Center, I specialize in whole food nutrition to heal the body. While I still recommend chiropractic, my specialty is knowing what nutrition the body needs through a technique called Nutrition Response Testing. I have been practicing this technique and others like it for the last 6 years and love the results that I, my family, and my patients are getting. As they see these results, my patients gain the confidence they can actually heal and not just take care of symptoms, but regain their full function and vitality.

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Health and Wellness Center- I look forward to working with you to regain a healthy life!

Dr. Rob Harward

Certified in Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition Response Testing

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